Here’s one for you! As found on eBay:


This is an ORIGINAL Fender CUSTOM SHOP, 1972 Jaguar “backdoor” model!
-Original Paint
-Original Machines
-Original Pickups
-Original Slab Fingerboard with Clay Dots
-Original Bridge
-Original Whammy
-Original Black (rare) Pickguard
-Original Headstock
-Original NO DECALS on the headstock!
(The only things that are not original are a ground wire on the switches, and the white ferrel washer on the top E string machine!)
To preserve this classic as much as possible, I have not polished it!  I believe many of the scuffs (like the black ones) can be buffed out, for a killer finish!  
There are numerous small scuffs, dings, and usual wear on the guitar, as seen in the pictures.  The only other flaw that I noticed is a hairline crack at the top of the headstock, which is barely visible in the closeup picture (look at it yourself).
This was manufactured in the Fender Custom Shop by a master craftsman named Schellenburg, who worked in the Fullerton factory for 30 years.  It is a “Backdoor” model, which means it was given to the employee who made it, as a gift.  They didn’t let them put the decals on them, because they didn’t want these to enter the market and compete with the new Fender Custom Shop guitars coming out of the front door of the factory.  Shellenburg modified the body so that the top doesn’t dig into your ribs… thus this guitar has a little different shape than the other Jaguars.  Only 4 were made this way.  He then painted it green, and added the black pickguard, and put the switches on the other side from where they normally are located.  
The Whammy works.  This guitar plays like a house on fire.  
BUY-IT-NOW price: $7,500

So, what do we have here? An early ’60s neck on a screwed-up body without rhythm circuit and a black pickguard, which is a very 1970s thing to do. No decal, non-original case and you’re asking the moon for something nobody’s going to want. Damn.

This is ridiculous. I love when people think not polishing an instrument somehow makes it more complete or valuable, same with “original” rusty and played-out strings. Ick.

Not only is there NO documented case of a “backdoor” Jaguar (by the way, don’t Google ‘backdoor model’ because you’ll get nothing to do with guitars!) but there’s also ZERO proof of a guy named “Schellenburg” working for Fender. Add to that, the Custom Shop didn’t open until 1987, so…

I’m not one to call anyone a liar, but I will say that if you’re told a story by a customer and you pass it on as truth without fact-checking, you’re not doing your job.

The thing about employee guitars is that they’re often full of piecemeal strangeness, and even if they’re 1 of 1 that doesn’t make them desirable. I once had the chance to appraise a Gibson guitar made by an employee, and it was the worst guitar I’ve ever worked on hands down. Les Paul Custom neck bolted to a heavily routed Kalamazoo student model body, wrong bridge in a position where the guitar wouldn’t play in tune, shit wiring, a hand-cut pickguard that also was shit, and pickups and electronics that didn’t go together at all. It was brought to me by a family hoping to make 5-6 figures from its sale, which unfortunately, they’d be lucky to get 3. They asked what I would pay for something like that, to which I replied “I wouldn’t.”

Here’s the eBay listing

Edit: The listing’s been taken down due to “an error in the listing”, so I’m curious to see how this will be adjusted!

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